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The History & Folklore of St. Patricks Day


May your neighbor respect you,
Trouble neglect you,
The angels protect you,
And Heaven accept you.

The Legend of the Shamrock
It was on the lush hillsides of Co. Armagh that Patrick, as a young Bishop in the year 432 AD plucked the tiny shamrock from anonymity and used it to illustrate the Mystery of the Blessed Trinity to the Ancient High Kings of Ireland, thus elevating the Shamrock to its present status of Ireland's National Emblem. The plant has been grown close to the Ancient Monastic Settlement of the Sceillig Rock in Co. Kerry where Irish still thrives as the National Living Language.
Story of the Shamrock
A little bit of shamrock
Is a little bit of home
So wear it on St. Patrick's day
No matter where you roam
In New York or Boston city
The meanin's just the same
Shamrock stands for Ireland
Wear it in St. Patrick's name
The Leprechaun
The story behind the leprechaun is that he is a tiny elf-like creature living in the forest of Ireland. With him is a pot of gold, often seen at the end of the rainbow. Should you encounter this tiny elf, run quickly and try to catch him, and the pot of gold will be yours. Careful though, because he's a tricky fellow, and will easily slip through your fingers. His shenanigans and playfulness are known to be the curse of the gold hunters!
The Blarney Stone
The world famous Blarney Stone is situated high up in the battlements of the Blarney Castle. You can follow one of the several long, stone spiral staircases up to the top and enjoy the spectacular views of the lush green Irish countryside, Blarney House, and the Village of Blarney.

The stone is believed to be half of the Stone of Scone, the other part of which is in Westminster Abbey in London. The stone originally belonged to Scotland. Scottish Kings were crowned over the stone, because it was believed to have special powers.

The Blarney Stone is on the inside of an outside wall of the Castle. To kiss the Blarney Stone you must lie on your back and bend your head backwards over a huge gap, and look backwards over the ground below. Even though the castle is in partially ruins the Blarney Stone remains.

They say that kissing the Blarney Stone will give you the gift of eloquence...or Blarney as some might put it!